Yoga day

that means (at least in nyc) every yoga class is packed.

I thought of going to the solstice event, but there was no telling just how good my hip would be.

Plus I have this weird obsession with routines. Almost superstitious. You see my last yoga class before the hip shot was hippy guy, so that crazy voice in my head demanded that I start back with hippy guy. The completion of a circle. Plus it gives my analytic side the ability to compare, did the pain go away, have I gotten any stronger and so on.

The problem was with so many people I was trapped in a sea of first timers. I have no issue and even tell people it’s a great starter class, but…. It means that you have to be aware of your surroundings. I’m not good at that, as I normally do most of his practice with my eyes closed. Luck was on my side last night because I almost took a foot to the face! She misses by a fraction of an inch. A year ago, that would have started a fight.

I waited until the end of the class and pulled the woman aside, explainng she needed to start at the top of her mat, if not she risked hurting herself and showed her the difference. I left out the door to the face part….. 

So I didn’t get the super zen im used to, but I had no pain and I was much stronger than last week:)

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