as usually the weekend was way to short. All vanilla, but good.

Last night I went to n’s house. I helped her cook and was there to witness the count down to breaking her fast. 

I’ve really never seen so much food on one table for a “normal dinner”. After we sat in her balcony smoking hooka and relaxing.

It’s funny, everytime she comes over I send her home with clothes and she sends me home with food. 

I got in trouble for being late. Her older sons had the cars and I got in after bedtime. 

I looked today and according to my sleep monitor, I slept solid, just over 6 hours. If I get more than 7, I have broken sleep. So even though I was late, I’m less tired than if I went to sleep early.

Yesterday was about recharging. I took from the early morning until 3:30 to just be with me, then to just be with a good friend….it was easy, low stress.

Sir has been so good through all of these growing pains. That’s what they are, I know that.

I’ve changed almost too much this year. I know I’m happier, but am I still me?

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