Why russian girls make me scream!

……and not in a good way.

I have 2 of them, just friends, but with a dynamic. So I guess not just friends, but no benefit for me.

So there’s Fet girl. She is so very bitter. I keep seeing shit she posted and it’s all to get a rise out of FGD. She’s one to say “oh I have to tell you about this” all because she thinks I’ll tell him. Guess what, I don’t. I’d like to think I’m a better friend than that, but the truth is I really can’t deal with the look of heartache in his eyes whenever he speaks of her.

Then there’s ….. Ugh, little R. Last night she cancelled plans again, claiming no money….. I have a real problem with people that say that yet have 20 grand in the bank and a fucking black card and all of their bills are paid three months in advance and they are getting 2 pay checks on Friday.

See when I say I have no money, I mean I have a 0 balance and I am cashing in change to survive to payday. I grew up with no money, as in catholic charities catered Christmas and it was a happy day when we could go to the food pantry. It meant we would eat.

Today as I turn the water in to get into the shower the phone rings. It’s her. I tell her I’m getting into the shower I can’t talk. She goes on about how she always called at this time. No I tell her you would call 10 minutes later, when I was out of the shower and agsin she says get up earlier….. That was it, no! I do not revolve around your needs. Then she started talking as though I was just doing nothing, I cut her off and said again im going into the shower, goodbye. 

Today I say…. Fuck them both. I’m meeting neither on Friday as I had planned to meet them both. They need to go find some other “domme” to top from the bottom, im done.

Side note: im not pissed about this. I’m really kind of indifferent. I know I have better people in my life, so as I’ve done with friends that I’ve had much longer, cutting them out will not be a hard thing to do if they keep acting like assholes. 

Also the big promblem with them is they are both baby girls, at first I believe that a cring as mommy helped me to process not having children, but I get nothing from either except a headache. A bad/good thing I’m starting to learn, be less altruistic when it comes to friends.

5 thoughts on “Why russian girls make me scream!”

      1. Well I do think different nationalities have different mentalities. Some things in upbringing and socialisation might be similar

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