Goal (screaming like South American soccer announcer)

yes, after many months of very hard work and lots of support and encouragement from Sir, I hit my goal weight.

To celebrate, I took out my best work dress, my prettiest heels and even with all of the emotional bullshit, I can’t help but feel good.

Last night was fun, after my little twin had a slight nervous breakdown. With everyone going off to college, her and her best friend/girlfriend have broken up. I had asked her if she remembered the pink dye and then all of a sudden she started crying. I was like, don’t worry, I’ll go buy some. I had no idea those tears had nothing to do with me. Her only words, ” I can’t do anything right” 

Fuck, I’ve been there and kinda still am.

So after talks and hugs, oh and many stories of really screwed up romances her three honorary older sisters got the tears to stop. She then said, im just afraid I’ll never find that connection again….. Aw fuck, then I cried. 

So the wine got poured and the purple dye came out.

An hour later…, perfection and I was much happier at the end result. L thought it was so funny that I was pissed about the wrong initial color, when she really wasn’t. I told her I have a reputation to live up to and anything that not exactly what the person wanted, is just not acceptable, especially if I can fix it.

Head space wise im better today. I’m not sure if it’s that one last push of positivity before tomorrow, but whatever it is, I’ll take it.

I’m excited for tonight. Even after bailing the female asked to play tonight and I have an exuberant yes.

Hoping Sir finally had that pizza tonight, he is sounding better every day.

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