I got it!

i was reading an artical on “floating” in yoga. It’s something I don’t do well and most of the reason is I don’t know the technique and anatomy of it.

So in my quest to float better, I figured out 2 things. First why the pain from Tuesday’s class was so different than crazy lady’s and why I suck at riding a bike.

First to float you use your transverse abs and pelvic floor, think kegel and contract you stomach and ribs. To use the ribbon in a floor practice your body has to utilize these muscles of you don’t move. So new pain, from my bog a toy pelvis ached yesterday but deep, not surface pain. 

Sir has said how he can’t understand with the yoga and years of dance why I have balance issues on the bike. It’s actually because of those things I have issues bike riding. One hip is higher than the other due to knee, ankle and foot injuries. If I stand I can do small adjustments to make them even out, but when I walk and sit, you can see the difference. Example the pain mgt doc after seeing me take 3 steps, asked what’s wrong with your hip? I have a very hard time sitting with both feet down, it hurts. I’ll always be either leaning on my side, or crossing my legs or in a cross legged position. It’s also why at the gym I choose the eliptical, at no time are both feet on the floor.

I’ve figured out how to adjust when standing and now I need to figure it out while sitting, walking, it just makes my ass shake more, so I’m ok with that;)

Work has been busy and I really have nothing to write about. Play date later, but many hours to kill from now to then.

Thanks Sir for extending the bike riding another couple of weeks, im going to see if I can find anything to teach me how to correct the balance so im not always falling to the right.

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