Oh poor sore……


Lol, it was worth it and today with every move the full acheI have reminds me of that.

As we were leaving the bar I looked quickly at my phone and there were a bunch of messages and texts from little R.

So when I wake je up this morning I responded that I wasn’t mad at her. Suprise she cancelled plans again at the last minute. 

So as I sent the message my home line rings…..yes, I’m obviously a 90 year old with a real landline, but I live in a building that cell reception is crappy at best. It’s R, asking me what the hell j did last night because she woke up out of a dead sleep cuming!!! So I told her I was fucked so hard that I came and broke the dildo.

Turns out there’s more to her story and if history is any indicator, her and the bf will be parting ways soon or marching down the isle.

Part of me is happy, yet part is pissed at her. She is working with a guy that she has a very physical attraction to. He’s married a few kids, a fucking coworker! I told her in the very beginning, DO NOT SHIT WHERE YOU EAT!! Needless to say R shitted yesterday. They only kisses but since R has been exposed to link, she came from that kiss and has been in overdrive since.

I told her, just throw yourself into your work, it’s friday and you need to keep your mind busy in order not to turn into a horny teenager and get your stupid ass fired.

The good part…. She felt not an ounce of guilt. That’s the flag, sorry, but your relationship is over.

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