Without my consent

I told Sir earlier, I don’t ever recall consenting to being mommy to Little R. There’s lots going on on that front, but I’m not wasting the few minutes I have left on a keyboard talking about her.

Yesterday after an hour in the pool all of my pains were gone. Sadly it only lasted a few hours and then they came back. So off to the pool I go again today. Even if it’s just a temporary fix, it’s worth the few hours reprieve.

I’m currently in a love/hate relationship with my plans tonight. Have all of your kinky friends meet at your house for a drink…..it really sounded like a good plan, or at least a way to make sure they all go out. I don’t want to be the reason they one by one back out of tonight. Each one independently has said that’s exactly what they would have done if I did not make it known that I wanted them to go out. It’s going to be sad when they walk out the door and I am left alone. Sir suggested inviting little R over and having her stay after but that’s another….ugh.

I think it might be easier to deal with the loneliness than a needy little girl. My one thought was and this may seems a little crazy and odd is to claim her on fet. I think she really needs to explore and I know she won’t do it without me. Also I think it will get her back on-line and make her happy that I am giving into the role she has thrust upon me. I’ll talk to Sir about it later……. I see both an up and downside to it.

try to stay positive I will not go into the downside.

I woke up thinking it was Sunday, so damn glad it’s not.

Well off to the pool for me and maybe I’ll have some time later to say how tonight goes.

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