A Vanilla Girl??

I’ve been thinking about my loneliness lately.

Yes I have some great kinky friends, good people, but still at the end of night I’m alone.

Sometimes I really doubt Sir and the things he says. It takes me a while to see the light. At first he said that I needed a subbie friend. I have one of them. She’s great, but there’s a line neither of us will cross.

So the idea that I got was…..find a nice vanilla girl. Someone local and bi, but not in this crazy kinky world. Someone just on the outside of it. Someone that I won’t share with the group. God that sounds selfish, but honestly I’m a little tired of sharing.

So back into the wild world of on-line dating I go. My pics will still be blurry or headless. I have to be even more careful since in the vanilla world I have more of a chance of someone seeing my profile and being out and proud is really not the goal.

Who knows by next week I may be totally turned off by this idea, but for now, I guess I’m ready Sir.

Oh and a funny side note. N and I were talking about men that make girls squirt. So she said how FGD has been doing that to her. I told her she should tell him that he has to teach us, since I have no clue. That resulted in a big laugh and she received an immediate invite over for morning coffee! So they are off having fun and I have to get out of here to head to the land of swimming pools:)

Why is it I seem oh so good at hooking others up and suck at it for me?

2 thoughts on “A Vanilla Girl??”

  1. Loneliness sucks. i don’t have anyone that i can talk to about my “kinky” life outside of my posts here. And since the separation of my soon to be ex husband, he took the “joint” friends. ALL of them. So, i understand. However, i WILL NOT share so alone i shall be….
    Good luck!

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