that  is the theme for the past couple of days. I blocked more people on dating sites than I can count. I’ve had writers block. I feel emotionally blocked and this morning I found it nessessary to block both fet girl and little r’s text messages. 

They take too much. Ever meet someone like that? They just take and take, until you have nothing left to even try to give. Every ounce of compassion and understanding I had is now gone. 

So for a day, they are too. Historically after a day of down time and blocking the drama I can return to my normal self, but what if I don’t want to??? 

What if I want to divert all of this effort to people that will actually be a little grateful? It’s funny that the most effort is put into the most selfish of people and for now, I’m done with that.

There’s a million dramas floating around me and im caught in the eye of the hurricane trying to keep my footing and not get sucked in.

Tonight is just the doctors and I’ll spend a few hours cooking for the ne t couple of weeks. Beyond that, unless N needs me, I’m a ghost.

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