Just a few of us…..

With all of the crazy drama of this past week, I really needed to have a good and fun night out. So I waited until late in the week to start to put together plans for Friday night, but let N and FGD know before hand.

As will happen by Barre class got canceled last minute from L from work and I ran a few errands and she decided to stick around and meet my vanilla friend and N. It was too funny just how well they all got along. So many many laughs later we were ready to head to the city. Everyone except my french shadow was running late. He was already there with a girl he had been talking to online.

Just the few of us….3 subbie girls, a Frenchman and a Dom. It was nice…low drama. The place was really crowded but by 1am the crowd thinned out. Sir has me restricted so I don’t hurt myself again before his visit, so for the first half of the night I just socialized. It’s one of those places that even in a small group, by this point I still know at least half of the guests.

FGD had a scene with N and you can see the chemistry building between the two of them. You can always tell when people have played in private. Then he had one with my vanilla friend. It was her birthday, so a spanking was mandatory. Her on the hurse and me at her head sitting on the floor. A few kisses, some playing with her hair and then FGD took out the firehouse. He asked me how many wacks she should get. I said lets do one and I’ll tell you from there. It’s an implement that either you love or does not a damn thing for you. And….nothing. I tell him nope, it did nothing, she gave me the look of horror and I laughed. I told her you had no reaction, no moan, that’s not what we are here for. Our scenes are comical, lots of shit talking and such, FGD being the Dom, me being the sadist and her saying lots of No, No, NO….and we all end with laughter.

Total Sidenote-I said fuck little R and wore her dress last night. I didn’t know when I put it on just how different it would look since it’s been a year at least since I’ve worn it. N said when I walked everyone looked….as always the Male and female complimented my choice of outfit. Later in the night a few people stopped me to say it was the best dress  they had seen at a club. Funny because it’s not at all fetish wear, she brought it to wear to a wedding 🙂 damn Russians and there idea of “proper” attire.

Eventually I got coaxed to a spanking, but I mostly just wanted to feel the firehouse. I had to stop the scene 3 times, I never called red, no need, but one it was testing a new toy that I really didn’t like and two other times, because if not I would have cum.

There was a guy there that gave massages and with my current need for physical connection, I decided why not, so shortly after the scene I got on the table and enjoyed a good long massage while listening to the three of then do another scene….it was really funny and I found myself laughing. I hear, fuck, fuck, aw shit I’m not supposed to curse, and then a wack and laughs and the two of them were holding hands as they got spanked.

There were a few first, first time I’ve seen the male dom the female publicly, the first time we left that party and we weren’t being kicked out. I knew that N and FGD had planned to meet up after the party and he turned to me around 2 and said, let’s make our way out. I really felt rather bad for him, the three of us gave him quite the workout last night. I can’t imagine it’s easy being the only Dom aside from the hosts that we will play with. So I had pity on him and said Sure, lets’ go.

It was a great night to drive through the city, top down on the convertible all in a good mood. Still missing Sir and knowing he would have enjoyed a really funny and light night.

Side note, I got both little R and fetgirl to say sorry to me. I lost it on both of them yesterday and explained that they take way to much from me. That I will no longer keep my mouth shut. I had no choice but to pull the Dom card and put them in their places. Let’s se how long this lasts, but for now, I’m not taking anymore of their shit. Oh and L from work, she wants to go to a party after the wedding is over:) I always knew she was the kinker one, not Little R. Funny thing is, she a total Dom, at least when it comes to her husband. He even may come too. So though me Sir’s spiderweb continues to grow. It was nice to hear from her last night, how much she enjoyed meeting the girls and that I was lucky to have such good and fun friends. She said something that will stick with me. That she was impressed with the honesty and lack of bs in our little group. She just doesn’t know the amount of work that takes to keep it that way.


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