I like my bubble

Sir and I often speak of the bubble I live in, but I don’t think I ever explained that this hasn’t always been so.

It’s no great secret that I wake up too early, but I’m not a morning person at all. I require a minimum of 3 hours of silence before I can speak with out the mega bitch showing her medusa face.

I was reading a friend blog on another media site and she posted a link about waking up positively. The first thing is no tv. 

” I encourage you to just enjoy your coffee or breakfast for about twenty minutes. Turning on the TV is one of the most insidious things you can do. The news can have such a negative impact on you that you might not even realize it. The news is generally about everything that’s wrong in the world and this is the first thing you become exposed to in the morning.”

This is actually how my bubble started. After the break up with the ex, I’d put the news on to check trafgic and the weather. Somehow Id end up hearing a story that would land me in tears. So I stopped, got rid of cable so it wasn’t even there to temp me.

So then I decided to get the times weekender but that also depressed me, it showed me events, vacations and lifestyles I am not intitled to. So I cancelled that.

That leaves me where I am… Oh I still do read the headlines and am aware of the world I live in but I don’t let the really bad stuff into my bubble.

Tonight Sir arrives, it’s been too long. I almost forget what he feels like.

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