To share with Sir

from the very first suspension party I had said to sir, I want that. To fly, to be beautiful, free and tied up.

For almost 2 years I’ve watched other have suspension scenes watched the different riggers interact with the bottoms. I was always impressed with one. He was less showy, very careful and he connected, touching and holding his bottoms. His scene extended past the actually act and the untieing look just as magical.

When I went through the hip shots I reached out to him, thinking I was all better. We know each other from parties and a mutual friend. Then my back went out and he had a problem with his hands. Neither of us were attending the same parties and it was a logistical nightmare.

During Sirs last visit, he said that if FGD was there and could take pics he would let me do my suspension without being there.

I feel bad that I did not share this very important first with him, but I think if he was there I may not have been able to loose myself so completely.

Tonight was N’s temporary retirement party. We walked into the party, greeted our friends, I turned around and the normal rigger was not there. Instead the one I had been talking to was.

Finally….. The stars aligned and I was able to fly!!

Knowing my injuries he made sure both the chest and hip harness were super supportive and as I went up, pure, absolute magic!!

The endorphins were the highest I’ve yet to experience. I told sir after I could still feel them rushing from my toes up my body. Two hours later im still rushing and happy, so god damn happy!!! Giddy like a school girl.

There was a good connection, lots of touch and good hugs. After we were both drenched and smiling. 

I drank about a gallon of water and sat on the floor with my head in N’s lap. 

I now understand how bg felt and why she is such a rope bunny.

I really wish you could have been there sir, for however long that scene was…. I was free of every ounce of stress. I was perfect and flying, like I did when I danced.

Like a good girl, I sent him a long note of thanks. 

And now this, to say thank you for allowing me this pleasure Sir, it was a wondrous thing:)

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