Change of Plans

Yesterday had many possibilities. I didn’t know if the party the night before would extend into the day time hours or end early. My tummy not at 100%, I didn’t want to plan anything too stressful.

The original plan was head to queens and spend the day pool side with a swingers couple. They are pretty low stress and not pushy, but the idea of any sexual contact was just blahx3. Then there was the thought of contacting little R. Yeah, not low stress, so I passed on that. Called C, she’s still being a total bitchy bear and was going for an epidural in her neck, yeah, pass on that one too. So that left only one thing….head to the beach. SMG is back from her big very long trip and hanging with her is always a nice thing for the soul. She sweet and nice and just the right amount of catty. Plus we all know the same people and share most of the same opinions.

It was good to unload some of the drama that the others have caused onto a sympathetic ear. Plus I got to show her the pics from the party.

(pause for a trip to the laundrymat)

Sadly the effects of the rope have worn off. My mind is back in a full speed ahead state. it goes from thoughts like why is L such a passive aggressive asshat? To this creepy bastard better stop staring at me folding my laundry, to I hope Sir like my Halloween costume, to Fuck, what am I getting him for his birthday….and on and on.

L and I had a long chat the other day about his little verbal digs. He needs to knock it off. My group is no longer a group in large part due to him. I’m ok with it. Maintaining a group dynamic took too much energy. I basically told them all, they are all my friends, but they don’t have to be friends with each other and lets leave it at that. The bible chick is getting into some really messed up territory and is about to get herself banned from the parties. Her shady ways and other stuff won’t be tolerated by the powers that be for much longer, so I’ve put a good deal of distance between us. We will still hang out in vanilla land, she’s really not a bad person outside of the lifestyle. She knows when she starts her fake drama act, I’ll stop her and tell her to get over it, we are not in high school. Funny I think I can tell her these things because I honestly don’t care if she likes me or not. The people I care about I’m never as direct with, unless they get me to the breaking point.

Speaking of breaking points, ugh I have to deal with the mother today. My only saving grace is that after that I will be meeting my adorable little shadow for some jazz and a drink.

Guess it’s time to head to the gym….can’t sit here typing this nonsense all day.

Missing Sir, could use a good strong hug.



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