Officially done

the events of the last 24 hours have culminated in a vacation of sorts.

Met up with the female last night for drinks. As n and I knew she was not blind to the backhanded bs that the bible girl was doing.

Also turns out scary white trash anal hook girl is also talking shit. Acting like she doesn’t know who I am. All because she’s got an issues with BG. 

Im not so much upset about this, but im much more…. Just done with it.

I tried as Sir suggested to meet up with the couple or BG before the party. At first the female was like yes, great…. Then after a few minutes she said they have errands to run and won’t have time. Im not a fucking retard, the make is meeting up with bible girl and bringing her. Im also sure that the fact I said that I’ve outlived my usefulness to bible girl has gotten back to her by now. Im also ok with that. I was careful to only say things I wanted her to know…..

She’s a real shady bitch. I should have listened to my gut in the beginning.

So for now….im on a break. I took down my rsvps on fet. I’ll go out when Sir comes in, it’s his birthday after all and I’ll even go so far as inviting these asshats.

Chatting with FGD and he’s at the same point as I am for different reasons. 

N has also had it with her swingers world. She tried to return to it and just can’t. 

One really exciting thing… I brought my tickets to a yoga triathlon.

My goal is to throw myself into people and things that will feed my soul, instead of feeding on it.

This was also how the group ended way back when, I had really forgotten. The problem is when u let in one bad apple, the whole bunch goes rotten.

Tonight I’m taking for me. I have shopping and errands that must be done. Treating myself to a mani pedi, hitting the gym hard and hoping to pass out early.

I will as one last fuck you send a message to bible girl. Im letting her know im bowing out temporarily on my own terms. Im going to give her the rope to hang herself….all while watching from the sidelines

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