Day one ….

Funny how the party last night totally fell apart. There was only one person that went that I would have hung out with and going just for her would be a waste, since she literally would have been tied up all night.

The couple….Male half got piss drunk and past out.

Bible girl….didn’t make the cut on the invite list either

I’m going to make the most of this time and do every vanilla thing that peaks my interest. Funny that SMG was the happiest about my new found free time. She’s the one person I know who’s always up for a show or adventure of the non-kink kind. Plus she has a good in on cheap and free things to do…..and when all else fails she down to hang at the beach and do nothing in the sun. My favorite broke past time.

N finally took Sir and I’s advise and kicked Cali guy to the curb. Now that she has a taste of what it’s like to have local kinky friends and play partners she no longer has the ability to put up with him and his shitty ways. It took one horrible threesome and about 24 hours of fighting but I think she sees the light. I know this because she said it hit her the three days she spent with him she could have hung out with me the one full day she had since I was “working from home” and stayed with FGD at night. She realized her mistake way too late.

Yesterday I broke down and brought some cooler weather work pants. I’m accepting that I can’t use anything from last year. Ran a bunch of little errand and got my nails done. On the way home I walked into one of the many strolls we have in the neighborhood. It’s our version of a block party but put on my the local businesses. So after a late night gym visit, the last of my original plans cancelling I said fuck it and walked the stroll as it was closing alone. I ran into a local artist that I’ve seen many times and brought a couple of little things for Sir. Not for his birthday, but because I thought he would like them. I even brought a little something for myself that I now need to find a frame for.

Back home and I tucked Sir in since I had walked almost 12 miles and was nowhere near sleepy yet.

Today should be a good day, fun stuff planned and no pressure from the world of kinky drama. I was thinking …well maybe I’ll just change the parties I go to for a little, then a whole new drama starts on Fet between those promoters. I’ll take it as a universal sign, a break is needed, just breathe, relax and enjoy life for a little  while. I told SMG I’m not disappearing, my friends in real life are always my friends, just now I’ll see them in the daylight hours.

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