Hi monday

i blinked and the weekend over. Yesterday was a nice day in the pool then a visit from the bible girl. She’s boring and finds herself very important. She really isn’t. She also delusional. She thinks she’s joining a poly family when the primary female is

1-not poly 

2-not submissive

Yeah good luck with that. Sadly I’ll stay talking to her because of our proximity. 

N is coming by tonight. It will be good to see her again, seems like forever.

I’ve really lost my want to go to the parties. There are so many reasons but the most important…..they make me feel more alone.

So why do something that leads to depression? It was t bad when Sir was around, then I know I’m not going home alone. I think subconsciously I booked all these vanilla things to keep me busy until his next visit.

I really have nothing more to say……I’ve also become really uninspired when it comes to writing as well.

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