It creeps in

yesterday I started to get that feeling again. I purposely didn’t mention it to sir, because I didn’t want to feed into it.

That feeling of bitter, angry, loneliness. I find im getting it more often now that any day the divorce papers will be filed.

Im also writing off people that serve no purpose… is going to be fet girl. Im so tired of her shit. She’s decided as a final fuck you to FGD, to try to make friends with the couple and has rsvpd for a party that will be happening on Sirs birthday weekend. Im to the point of….. Let her show up, im inviting him and I know he will come regardless. 

The venom she’s going to spew at me will be amazing, but it will also get her banned from the party.

Then there’s the rope people. Scary anal hook girl thinks her group is all that. I said to a few people, they really in the grand scheme are not the cool kids on the block. I’ve decided to take a different approach with her. Im going to ignor her, while making friends with a much much more exclusive group of rope people. Ones that if she doesn’t want her previous rigger to get the half will make her back off. See sir, all girls are horrible, even me.

I miss n…. She was only able to stay 2 hours last night. Long story, but it was nice to see her again. 

Yoga helped a little, but im still pretty angry with my life right now. See I believe in karma…. I think I’ve put out enough good, yet all I seem to be getting back is shit.

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