Where does the anger come from?

as fast as it comes it leaves.

Today im left with an emotional hangover of sorts. I have a headache and im really not motivated to do much.

Unfortunatey my job has other thoughts for me. So a long day of meetings before I get to leave. I was going to take a new class, but I’ll stick to the crappy substitute yoga for now.

The dancers baby is beyond cute and at less than 2 weeks old looks like he could be two months. It hurt to hold him. I often think statements like that make me a horrible person. 

I only got through it because I genuinely like them and her having similar problems to me, she really deserves to be a mom.

Still the pain and emptiness remains.

Time to push it all aside. God, these are the days ment for day drinking.

Nope, no such luck, time to go…..

4 thoughts on “Where does the anger come from?”

  1. Someone had a kid, toddler rather, here at work Monday screaming. I wanted them gone. I like kids, but from afar. Like far, far away from me! Love ya doll!!!

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