Vanilla D/S

Cute side note, the above meme was sent to me the other day by Little R.

Yesterday was ok….nothing great.

I had a good conversation with N and FGD. Then there was the talk with C. She has declared that even though we cancelled plans to go away, I am hers this weekend. I advised her that only extends till Sunday at 5pm. Sorry but after that I’m doing my own thing that she will want no part of. I also told her on Sirs next visit, I’ll invite her for cake for his birthday. That made her happy, she’s been bugging me as to why they haven’t met. She has met just about everyone else under vanilla conditions, so I guess it’s time.

There are so many reasons that I never introduced them but she warming up to the fact that my relationship is different than hers…..or are they?

She is currently seeing 2 different, wait 3 different guys. Only one of them is sexual the others are just to fan her ego. “just friends”, meaning they take her out, feed her need for atttention and so on, but she keeps it that way so she won’t feel like a whore…fuck wait there’s actually 4.

So I made her tell me the different things she likes about each one.

One makes her laugh, I’ve met him and he really is a funny and low maintenance kind of guy that could cheer anyone up.

He’s married and far away.

One is there… always there on the drop of a dime. I was actually there when they met. We were in PR and swimming in a lagoon. He was the only other person there and as C will do, they started talking and turns out they only live a few minutes apart.

He has a crazy girlfriend and I think they sink together in their misery.

Then there’s the words with friends with benefits. Long story but he was an online hook up that ended and now she’s his dog watcher, but he wants more and he’s married with a super crazy wife.

That leaves the last one, the vanilla Dom. According to her the sex is amazing but it extends nothing past that.

So we chatted and the first two are subby, totally why she has not an ounce of want to fuck them, but the attention will keep them around. The third is domineering, a basic asshat, jealous, pushy…..but she sometimes like that quality. I explained to her the last one is a Dom in the most vanilla definition of the word.

So even in vanilla land there are Doms and Subs and that’s the reason some relationships just don’t work out. I’m happy she’s vanilla and really she needs to stay that way. I just wanted to explain to her the personality types so she can she, I’m not that different than she is. I just enjoy a good spanking:)

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