The event

it was so good, but so raw.

The 5 k was brutal… My shin hurt, so bad, I run in the gym 5 miles, but the impact isn’t the same. I took this time to catch up with my old friend. It was good, what my heart needed. I told her I’ve found in small part I’ve been surrounding myself with some people I don’t really like, just because I’m loney and they are close. She and the bride at different times thanked me today and said something I thought of them, ” I forgot how good of a person you are and how much I’ve missed you”

I even told my old friend of the change, how I live my life, for me. That all my dreams I now make reality and … I even showed her the suspension pics. I knew even though not her thing, she’d accept me. She’s been used to being the one that was judged. 

I told her of the last 5 years and she told me of hers, still we run on a weird parallel. 

We both escaped our childhood homes and are amazed at just how much more there is to life and to live now that we are out.

We ran full speed across the finish line, recording each other… Our first 5 k!!

Then on to yoga… Oh the crowd, thousands. We were front row, old people get up early, you know.

I cried….

I broke down three times.

My sunglasses on, no one saw. I know many did. Today was acknowledged. The fact so many were there to heal was at the front of the total of 5 yogi’s messages.

We laughed,cried, hugged, made plans for the future.

It being nyc we even had a crazy protester… On a portable loud speaker during our chant…

She said, oh, something about the commercializations if yoga, but in my opinion messed it up by then saying something about the fair and its support of slaughtering animals. I mean really it’s you and two other people, pick an issue and stick with it!😂

We chanted her out, the yogi saying its a great way to learn focus. I then later tagged my friends in post…

I was a vegan for many years, but I never acted like my choices were better. 

We parted ways and the bride and I stayed for the promise of some air time… Totally worth it.

After we headed out for food and our search for a really cold beer. Many places later, I got just another amazing story of an experience you may never know of 15 years ago from her husband, but that’s for tomorrow…im tired and have too many pics to go through for sir.

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