How to survive on three hours sleep

coffee and inappropriate jokes…

Ugh work, I have to be here and im fading fast. Sending my ex work husband to the land of miricles to bring me back energy and a chia tea….aka Starbucks. I need a warm hug from the inside right now.

Yesterday’s worries were no big deal. For some reason me being so scattered triggered a weird reaction in me. I acted as I would have with my ex, afraid. 

Sir knows im human. Yes when needed there are punishments, but trying to do as much as I’ve been doing and forgetting a bag was ok. I know me and that won’t happen again. Sadly the other thing I forgot to buy was his juice, so back to the store later. He knew I would have woken up extra early and went before work, but he said not too.

A large part of me still needs to learn how to allow him to care for me. I’ve never been taught that.

But back to last night. We met up in the city and stopped for a much needed beer after he got done being a little kid with some drones.

The off to see the dancers and baby.

We took a long walk, enjoyed some finger food and wine. The make half came home and there was just f/f play instigated by sir, it was really great. I almost forgot how much I enjoy her touch. 

Sir brought out the blindfold and in that moment I didn’t question or hesitate. Whatever he wanted to happen was ok, I knew I was safe. Her hands, smaller than mine. He showed her how to fist me and I was gone. 

Later after a long trip home, I had some cramping, but it was the first time since the surgery and also the first time I’ve cum that hard. It’s a much different cum than anything else, it’s full…. Pulsing and dripping. Great, now I have tired cunt brain and wet panties. Ugh this day is really dragging. 

I woke up fine no pain, happy with Sir in my arms. It was a great yet short night feeling very at home with Sir.

Oh and I almost forgot, Sir liked his little gift I found for him. A local artists rendition of the subway station near me. The thought even if he didn’t like the art, he would think of me as we’ve walked those stairs together so many times. 

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