Bombs and Birthday cake

Welcome to NYC…..

Last night a large group of us headed into the city for a party. Little R had a total panic attack that the party was a few blocks away from the Chelsea bomb. In hind sight, it might have been wise to not drive straight into that area last night, but I had worked on a surprise for Sir for weeks and almost everyone at the party was in on it. There was also the thought, Fuck it, if I die, a fetish party is as good of a place as any to go.

There was just enough drama last night to keep things interesting. I told anal hook girl off in the nicest possible way. Fet girl never showed up, really really glad about that!. I was not prepared, nor can I ever be for that. Plus, damn it is Sir’s birthday and as much as he loves a good girl fight, I wanted to keep things happy. Some how as stressed as we all were, we had a really good time.

FGD and N were stuck on the west side hwy with the suprise in the truck. Sir half kidding asked for a non cali blonde, an oriental and a set of red-headed twins. So off I went to grant his request. I did manage to find two red heads, not twins, a Russian blonde and the hostess dressed up in a great Asian outfit.  So shortly after midnight, I changed into an apron with garters and lacy stuff, big sheet cake in hand and the music cut! a big happy birthday announcement and everyone sang for him as he realized what I managed to put together. He was really happy with that and I served the entire party some cake.

There were birthday spanking and everyone had scenes that seemed to go well, my little French Shadow even got to play. Setting him up with little R did not work, I didn’t think it would, but hell I had to try.

I guess those are the highlights. Getting home we lucked out by parking across 7th ave. Had we not the police had blocked the streets and we would have been trapped there. It was a long and fun night, glad Sir has enjoyed his birthday so far.


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