What’s wrong with you?

Last night Sirasked me if I remembered calling him about a month after we started talking and asking him that question.

Lol, I don’t, but it’s a totally valid question to ask someone you don’t know well. Sadly it’s something most people don’t.

Funny when I think of how I would answer that question…. I think at first I’d say nothing. After thinking more I could give a list that would take up an entire sticky pad.

This morning there’s lots of little R drama. Shitty part? She’s coming to l’s wedding and was or maybe is taking her boyfriend. He really needs to respect that he might hate me, but the wedding is not a place to air that out. Stupid girl she is when asked why he did t take her alluded to the fact that I didn’t want him there. It’s totally true, but really? The truth is I didn’t invite her, she in it’s herself, so she needs to take the blame. In hindsight, I should have told her no. Dealt with her being mad at me.

Top this off by not feeling great. Plan is to get what I need done and then go to crazy lady. She usually makes me feel better.

Sir leaves today, I’ll miss him, but really don’t want to get him sick. Last night I was in bed super early, lots of cold medicine. Mix that with the drop im going through and I’m super mushy and sad.

I’m glad Sir had a good birthday and I really wish I could have been there more for him these last couple of days.

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