Plan for the short term

I’ve always had the 5 year plan. Who knows maybe it’s an as you get older thing, 5 years is just too long of a time? Or maybe it’s that I have gotten to the point I have no long term goals, or the things that take a long time are just not in my future?

Instead I’m going month by month. I took my spending money and gave myself three things to look forward to. A Halloween trip to pa, a ball with Sir, and a mountain yoga event with my yoga girls. I think it will be worth living like a college student for a couple of weeks.

I’m excited for these things and I really think they will give me the balance I’m looking for. 

I’ve also been contemplating going to more social lifestyle events rather than play parties. 

With all of the good non kinky stuff planned, I don’t want to miss out on things because I was getting a spanking until 6 am.

Yet going strictly vanilla won’t give me balance either. Sir mentioned more time with o. I like that idea, she’s really one of the good ones. Oh and n is going to be able to come to the ball! That news this morning made me happy.

I think she’s the only thing getting me through getting dumped by c. After 24 years a text saying I don’t know you anymore while at work really hit hard. Not going to harp on it, but it’s there, right under the surface.

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