Damn that dress

Back at work and it’s busier tha. It has been in a year. I have two meeting and have to write a document by tomorrow that should take about three days to complete. My deadlines are way too tight, but I can do it.

I just needed a break from this damn thing. So cute little story…

I get into the car today and L is shaking her head. So I’m like “what, what did I do now?”

She says if ever there’s a day I’m feeling down about myself, just know I have a fan club. 

I look at her puzzled. She starts naming her and the hubbies friends that all went to her saying they have crushes on me. All very young boys. I laughed and said… it was the damned dress!!

So if any fourth somethings want a twenty something, here’s the secret. Wear a stunning dress, then bring jeans and a oversized sweater to change into, drink then under the table and remain sober, play cards against humanity the way only a kinkster could, inhale pizza and wine, then announce it was nice meeting everyone and leave????? 

For nothing else between that and compliments from Sir, I feel good about my looks today, now back to work for me:(

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