Do not take my kindness as a weakness….

Because when I’ve had enough I will fuck your entire world up.

When I walked into work today I had this feeling, not dread, but more along the lines of today being a day I would remember. A day that would change me.

Turns out after the shit storm of a morning, im right. From this point on, I’m not dealing with the crap anymore, nope, I’m done. 

There’s many people out there that are going to feel the impact of this very sudden change. 

Sorry, not sorry.

I’m no ones doormat. 

For now, I’m staying quiet. If I utter a single word to any of them it will come out as a hail storm of evil. Today is a day I’m spitting daggers and really not caring who gets caught In the cross fire or what the repercussions of saying what I actually think.

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