Off Line

I an effort to calm the fuck down, the cell phone went off yesterday afternoon. Those that demanded or needed have my batphone number. The old fashion land line I must have since the fortress hates giving me cell phone reception I can count on for conference calls.

Funny I had this idea in my head that once the cell went off I’d be alone. Not the omg I’m so alone, but…more like you can’t text me so I don’t exist. N had other ideas about that. She stopped by with her son to help me get the ac out of the window. I sent her home with food I will never eat and a bag of coats that I can no longer wear.

She told me FGD is on standby. She worries when I sound sad and look as tired as I did yesterday. Knowing me and knowing the fact I would never reach out to say I needed any one. FGD decided that he was coming for a visit. No can he, nope, he was. He lured me in saying he wanted to tell me what he did last night, or correction, who he did. Bible girl always doing the exact opposite of what she says ended up going home with him. So I asked him was it revenge sex? He being ever the diplomat said no it was closure. lol, same thing to me. She strung him along for so long, I’m glad he fucked her out of his system. We enjoyed a really great glass of wine and had some general bs talk. The whole time I knew he was there due to N. Either way it was a nice visit. He left and headed into the city to a friends party.

The rest of the night was pretty uneventful. It was nice to get things done with little interruption. Sir and I spoke a few times, but even he knew I just needed to clear my head.

Today I woke to a clean house, clean linens, hell even two little clean and well groomed dogs. I think going off line may just become a monthly event.

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