Random life

Yesterday was the most boring day I lived ever until around 2:30.

Up and to jury duty. Then we get pulled from the criminal court to go to civil court, fml. At least in criminal court the cases are interesting. I spent 8 years of my life taking accident reports from attorneys.

So over we go, a group of 20. Therestwo characters that stood out. A jovial blue collar older black man and a digrunteled over educated pompous black man. Side note now the me is playing bible quotes in the court room! Whew ok he turned it off. 

The blue collar guy is retired from sanitation and still works full time as a school janitor. He’s all smiles and jokes and really mispronounced words, but trying to make the most of this impresionment of sorts.

Oh not angry relook good guy, he’s bitchy and totally inconvienced by having to serve. He has a plan. In short to be as hostile as can be, so the attorneys will realease him.

Guess what genius… it fucking backfired and now we are all here to report on a second day, a Jewish holiday! We are the only ones here, since technically the courts don’t have selection today.

So his plan.. they take us in a small room and he starts his justice worrier crap (think total fet life creeper)about how we are not being fairly treated, then a montage on slavery, dude this is New York… space is at a premium. Then his partner in crime starts with a fake panic attack, saying she’s too claustrophobic.

After wasting almost an hour we end up in the judges chambers. They pull 10 of us to question, neither I or them are picked.

They go through a synopsis of the case, ask …

Blog postponed as they just called us in

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