Not in the mood

That’s is my current mood. I have crap to do that sadly can’t be postponed, oh well.

Yesterday I had a good day, my prior statements did not jinx it.

Ran 5 miles, went to yoga.

Funny, so the first couple of years I was back practicing my intention I set for class was all over the place.

The last month I’ve focused on just one thought. For this one hour I will love myself, I will love my life and I will stay in the moment.

Since this has become my intention my practice has really changed. I’m solid, I have a smoother and stronger flow. 

It’s the one time I’m not 💭 

Well not thinking of anyone else, just what I’m doing for only me. I cried at the end of practice. 

The teacher and I will cross paths again. She is the type that you can see knows sadness, but her class, she gives joy and positivity. I’ll miss that.

Today a birthday/ play party with the dancers. I’m sideways about it. Don’t know why, but I am.

I did talk to my boss and will work from home tomorrow. I’m in contact with an old classmate, as luck would have it he’s a divorce attorney. 

I told her I set up a call with him. I’m not very comfortable with everyone knowing and hearing the fights we’ve been having. She totally understood and said if there are any calls today I could use her office.

I’ll also be able to get to the post office and mail my pension stuff, how very exciting? 

Sir knowing that the stress has been getting to me has a surprise planned for Tuesday. A vanilla thing in the city, just a place to show up and a ticket number. It’s sweet he would take the time to plan something like that for me.

Lots more crap is going on, but I’m not in the mood to invest my energy in it right now. So I’m just going to ignore it.

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