Not much

Yesterday was weird.

A bit of my ex’s attempt at drama. Nothing I really need to write about. He still after over 20 years has no idea who I am or how I react.

I only got frustrated because I was trying to get to the gym.

I can take a lot, but don’t mess with my gym time.

It was a good class and the one after was even better.

This weekend and upcoming week is way too busy. I still need to work on my Halloween costume and restoring Sirs camera, so I won’t be getting much sleep. 

My mood is very much like the weather….not horrible, just a little bit nasty. Good news, little R cancelled plans for the 14th time;) she’s sick and I told her I can’t get sick, so unlike her prior cancellations I’m ok with it. Well as long as I don’t see her out and about doing brunch or shopping. Stupid girl always posts her every move on fb.

A funny story should unfold in a few days. FGD is going celibate for a trip to his family. N is going to montitor him. Something tells me this isn’t going to go well.

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