It’s just a haunted house…

Lol, or if you are a ballsy teenage girl, who likes to talk shit about how you love all things horror related, it’s the shit nightmares are made of.

I mentioned in passing this summer that I’ve always wanted to go to this haunted prison in Philadelphia to L and his daughter. L is big on doing for others, so he made it his mission to assure that I went. His daughter the shit talking teenager said she wanted to go to.

Now this is no 10 minute in and out funhouse. It’s an hour long. they start to get you as soon as your in a block of the attraction. Over the last month the teenager started to realize through the interwebs just what her big mouth got her into.

By the time we pulled up and parked 10 blocks away, she was in full breakdown mode. Tears streaming down her face and all I could do was laugh. That’s my reaction to this stuff. so I told her you can hold onto me, I won’t put the glow in the dark necklace on, so they won’t take me as part of the show. Her dad did.

L played around with her a bit, getting revenge for her less than good behavior. Sir sent me a text saying mabe he was there waiting in full mask with a chainsaw. I laughed because knowing him, if that was his plan he would never make even a passing mention of it. He had a family thing or else he would have done that just to get a reaction. See if I get startled I’ll scream, but I normally laugh and smile through the whole experience. I marvel at the set design and costumes of a really good haunted house and this one did not disappoint at all.

As we are going into the yard to start, her tears at full flow, the girl in front of her tells her the safeword. If you say “monsters be good” they stop and leave you alone. She a little bit of a thing weighing less than 100 pounds and almost my height. She is on my left with one arm around my neck and the other around my waist so that from the back it looks like I have two heads. She became part of me walking through, saying over and over monsters be good. It’s broken into 5 parts and as you enter and exit each one gets progressively more scary. They were amazing at the design, making sure you had a break of fresh air and the choice to leave at the end of each part.

She made it through the whole thing and at the end…..”next year I want to bring some friends with us”

They took the normal, crazy expensive pic, us against the prison wall and one of the guys with a sledge hammer. As the person said smile the guy swung it at her. L and I both with big laughing smiles and her with the look of horror and tears. At that point they could have asked for a million bucks and I would have gotten that picture for her!!!

It was a good night and a great memory.

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