Busy weekend

This weekend I made it a point to get things done and balance that with do things I want to.

I realized early into the planning stage the only way to make sure I could do that was to do the things I wanted to alone.

I made plans with 4 people and 2 cancelled. I was happy they did. I’m not normally like that, but I’ve honestly had enough of many people in my life.

Starting tomorrow work will become impossible. So I’ve spent the morning looking for apartments. I told the super if the issue we have is not taken care of this weekend, I will be breaking my lease and moving as soon as I can afford too.

Truth I can’t afford to do anything right now. Even worse, I’m looking and there’s nothing in my price point that looks liviable.

I thought this was all over last night, but nope.

So today I’m keeping quite. I don’t want to talk to anyone, see anyone, be near anyone, at least while I’m at work.

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