Family gossip

As few know I actually come from an amazingly large family. The reason I can count on my fingers the relatives I speak with? Well I happen to be the spawn of two teenage black sheeps.

In high school my ex husband introduced me to one of my female cousins(the golden child) She was a year younger than me. She introduces me to 20 ( not exaggerating at all) more cousins. They all lived on a dead end in two side by side mirror image mini mansions. Brothers that each had 10 children.

So I went from hardly any family to more family than I could ever comprehend. We were the best of friends for a couple of years, then her drinking got really bad. I think crazy m also had a part in us not speaking. She met some guy at work and last I had heard (approximately 20 years ago) she was getting married.

She had introduced me to another cousin in the other house (the singing cousin) two years younger than me. She was cute and sang when she spoke, but was always getting into trouble. She was their black sheep.

The singing cousin:

We never were the best of friends, yet as life progresses we would hear of each other or run into each other. The last time I saw her I was in a bagel store, right before I got engaged. 

Oddly she popped up on Facebook andi could tell that something was up with her. 

She recently ended a relationship with a very bad junkie and got herself clean (at least for the past 9 months). She’s always been easily influenced and hanging out with bad boys was her thing.

Turns out we work in walking distance from each other, both do yoga and recently lost a bunch of weight.

So we set up a time to go to a class and catch up.

She had some drama with her ex and postponed. We are meeting up tomorrow, so we texted a bit this morning and that’s when I found out the real story of my long lost other cousin….

The golden child drama:

Now to preface this, we are really second cousins. I became very close with the golden child at the same time as crazy m and my ex Dom story. She was both my drinking and dancing partner. At that time I was very open with my friends regarding being bisexual, the closest to being out as I’ve ever come. Everyone thought we were together, but nope, too much of an icky factor in that.

She had gotten a job in the trade center (years later I checked the paper every day to see if she was one of the dead). She met a guy there and fell in love. He was what she was raised to want. Good looking, wealthy, connected. 

Since he was all of that… she had to change some stuff. I recall her telling me early in her job she went out for thirsty Thursday, drank shots of jack, fell off the bar stool and through a plate glass window in the bar. Pretty sure there’s more to that story since she’s a hundred pounds and 5 ft tall. So that had to change. Hanging out with her “crazy cousin”had to change and she rather quickly dissapeared.

I got in touch with her when her dad died to give my condolences, when I got married, since it was to her friend, but we never reconnected. I knew she went on to have 3 kids with this guy, I wrongly heard she moved out of state. In passing I mentioned her to my singing cousin and I got the best response ever!!!

“Do you know my cousin doesn’t talk to any of us anymore?”

I said she always thought she was better than everyone else.

Nope that’s not why! The golden child is now the black sheep. Now this part took lots of texting, as it is very confusing 

So my singing cousin has a sister marry to a guy.

The guy has a brother married to a woman, let’s called her z.

The golden child cousin is still married to the mobster. 


Has a primary sexual relationship with Z!!! My question of course, how are the husbands dealing with this? I know damn well how my very catholic Italian side of the family is reacting.

Damn girl left me with a cliff hanger and a promise to talk later tonight.

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