Cheating…just a little

My week is hell at work.

See this blog and all it’s many typos is mainly written at my desk early in the morning, then finished later as the day goes on.

This week….is the week I’ve been dreading. A year long project is kicking off and if I can get through this, well it will be my crowning achievement on my resume.  This could be the one thing that can move me to the salary I need to get the address I desire.

The downside and yes, there is always a downside….I have not a moment of free time. Example, by my schedule I should be sleeping now. I wanted to take the couple of minutes as I am crashing from the day and a good hard yoga practice to at least put something down for Sir to read when he wakes.

As far as yesterday’s story….that will have to wait. I will see my cousin the singer tomorrow and get the rest of the drama. I must say I’m super excited to see how this story is going. I mean really it’s not ending, but more a strange parallel to my own life.

Also once again, after licking my wounds, I’ve started looking again for that very illusive local girl. I have three meets and greets coming up. I hold little hope and that’s ok. Usually when I don’t think things will work out is when the universe surprises me. So I hold on to that. One is single, very new, we can see where that goes. Another is in a couple, but open and looking for the same thing as me. The last is married and unlike the others (swinger) is a Domme, into decadence and trained by someone I respect, no, more than respect, admire to the fullest.

The sad part of that….I in a small part  of my heart wish that O was more accessible. She is the only woman that makes me feel at ease not just physically but on a more spiritual level. I have a habit of bonding with people that are just not available. I swear I do this shit on purpose. I’ve always lead with my heart and I need to stop that crap.

Oh I forgot to say one thing, The other day when N stopped over her husband accused her of being a lesbian! Oh we laughed at that. Longer story there, but for once the stupid SOB is actually on the right track:)

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