Cousin drama-part 2

But first…. I got a break from the non stop soul sucking meetings!! Woo hoo, may not need to join until the afternoon.

So, ended up meeting up with the singer last night, turns out the very juicy sounded story about the golden child, well… not as juicy as hers, so I’ll start there.

As I said there are many many cousins… and the golden child thinks her shit does t stink. Now in a quick summary of the other ones, there’s a few addicts, some house wife’s, a doctor, a failed “business”man, oh even one that had to leave Chicago due to a boyfriend gang involvement. 

When you’re related to such a dirverse group of fuck ups and the odd success story, it’s pretty easy to think you’re doing ok in life.

The golden child and the brother in laws wife were best friends. Another cousin also was part of that click. They had money and husbands and kids. On the outside you’d think total American dream type of people.

The third cousin was married to a guy that was part of the “family” business. He was the fathers partner in a construction company. The father was a horrible alcoholic and something happened that caused a chain reaction, they lost their house, cars, claimed bankruptcy (geez, that sounds familiar) and ended up on the balls of their asses in a small one bedroom apt.

To the golden child this was not acceptable so with little regard for the dirty secrets the poor cousin knew, kicked her out of that group. Bad move!

Girls are evil and this is further proof. Since the poor cousin was scorned by this, she proceeded to dish out the dirty secrets to the entire family.

The gossip, not as great as I thought. When is asked how the husband deal with it…. it’s been going on for years, they are either swingers, cockholds or just turning a blind eye since they also have side pieces. The singer said she does t know exactly how this all came about since she was so wrapped up in her addiction she was blind to the drama unfolding.

The other story will have to wait, since that will take even longer and I have a ton to do before I get out of here later

4 thoughts on “Cousin drama-part 2”

  1. I remember that line from The Grand Budapest Hotel, where the Writer says that he doesn’t Grabsmake up his stories, rather that people, once they know he is a writer, bring the stories to him. This is a great example of that phenomenon.

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