People are stupid

That has been proven. This is who we elected???😡 Yesterday I didn’t vote for a candidate, I voted against one. I never thought a time would come where I’d want to leave my city, let alone my country. He has made it ok and acceptable to be a lying racist. 

To those that disagree… that’s your right and I’m allowed my opinion as well. 

Sir laughed at my idea the other day of teaching yoga, getting a cow and a goat, making cheese and running a vineyard in France.

Now the idea is not that crazy.

My mother texted asking if I’d like to take a road trip to Canada. Honestly I was afraid to ask how she voted since the rest of my family went red. Unfortunately the majority of them live in Florida and are the reason I’m going to be afraid for a very long time to come.

Oh and then there’s c. She texted yesterday. I mentioned nothing because….I felt nothing.

We are going to talk Friday. She wants to meet face to face. This is sooooo not a good idea on her part. I’ll try to keep my cool. I’m heading to a restorative class before I see her, grabbing for a. It if zen. It’s my face that’s going to give me up. The only way I’ll entertain her and whatever she needs to say is if her first words are I am sorry. 

I don’t think that’s going to happen but I’ve been looking for someone to throw this anger at and the universe has decided, it’s going to be her.

Bright side- I have to see my mother the next morning, so we might not fight if I get it out of my system before I see her.

Funny things- my French shadow is onboard for a kinky community style living up in French Canadia, musicians, kinksters, wine. He France is not all it’s cracked up to be and this is a better plan.

I and I had an entire conversation in French (thanks google translate) it was fun.

Just out of a two hour meeting and everyone at work is scared. Scared because we live in NYC, scared because our neighborhoods are targets. Scared because we all work in healthcare. A few of us are even more scared, because we are white. The general thought is “we” voted him in, nope, oh hell nope. 

So it’s day one of the great fall. 

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