Ahimsa and the circus 

The day of the event I got to my first class in the nik of time. check in was a long process and I was looking forward to my first tantra class.  the bride had some time to kill,  so she waited for me to be done. 

There were some really creepy guys that must have thought it was a different kind of tantra class  

We went from there to a hips and hammies class. the teacher totally messed up and almost ended the class at half time. 

The bride went to another class and I killed some time walking around the vendors, brought some amazing tea. 

My last class was the one I was most excited for. Rasa. It us a practice I’ve been looking into for a couple of months. I didn’t read the fine print. 

I set up in the first row then noticed the teachers from the other two classes coming in and setting up. I start to take notice that the crowd was slightly (more than slightly) more well dressed and prepared than the other classes. the girl next to me asked where I taught and I said no where, she said shhhh, me neither. turns out we were in a w hour masters class.

We both did really well and the only thing I couldn’t do was the head stand but it was mainly due to the amount of tea I had before. I got one leg up and almost golden showered my head! 


the tea lady was a real asshole, but her tea was magical.

the circus:

Smg and I had plans to get together Sunday night. maybe a drink or a movie, just something to get caught up. she texted sarong sure had tickets to a burlesque show. 

I said sure and 3 trains later was wandering lost in a desolate part of hipsterville. she found me and we went in. it was am aireal wonderland. turns out this was a circus school. 

We chatted and laughed and then watched a pretty good show, complete with fandancers  and a drag queen mc.

Since the tickets were so cheap we decided to treat ourselves to a can home. to date it was the most expensive can ride I’ve ever paid for! yet totally worth it.

AND now, back at my desk, back in the real world.

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