A very old friend of mine found this event. We had done wanderlust together and she thought it would be something that the “bad yogis” would really enjoy. So a few months ago we brought the tickets for just one day (to test the waters).

It was to be me, her and the bride. Three of us that love yoga, but to he local community are just bad people. What I mean by that is we are not vegans, we smoke and generally have some anger management issues. To us this is what makes yoga perfect, it basically stops us from acting on our anger, but in a “community” based environment, we just don’t fit in. Our general motto is just “fuck them”.

My friend got super sick and has been bed bound for days, so the mastermind of this event missed it. We kept her in the loop, sent her pics and a review, promising next year we would go for the entire weekend and make areal trip out of it.

As with most things, it was an adventure. First getting stuck in Friday rush hour traffic in the city. A few very illegal maneuvers and we were on our way. Five hours later (it should have been a 2 maybe 3 hour trip) we are 6 miles from the hotel and the E light flashes on. The traffic causing the full tank of gas to disappear. I look on my phone and there 3 gas stations. One closed, one the other way and the last ……well pretty damn far. As luck would have it there’s nothing around….at all. So the normal chatter stops and as the tress pass by we get really quiet, neither one of us wanting to say just how nervous we are. At the 2 mile mark I say I’m going to check again for gas stations and boom, no cell reception. Now we can’t even call AAA. We are coasting mostly down hill. The gps says one mile. We find out later we both thought, ok a mile, at least we can walk that with no problem. I tell the bride “watch the damn gas station will be right next to the hotel!”.

We round the corner and like a damn beacon of hop we see the gas station and right next to it the inn we were staying at. We both totally break down in laughter and tears. I give her my back card and say please, god just fill it up!

We check into the hotel and by this point we’ve had it. We open a bottle of wine and a bag of crappy diet chips and decide we are going to call that dinner since it’s almost 10pm in a sleepy mountain town.

Now when I had gotten into the car the first thing I said was I have wine, she replied, so do I. then I said you bring an opener, yup..so did I! We are both of the same mind in many things!.

The inn was cute, clean and met the general requirements for sleep and that’s all we needed. I later found out that I was talking in my sleep and there were wolves howling all night, so the bride, very unlike me didn’t get that much rest.

The following day we head in the car for the fifteen minute trip to the chalet only to find if we would have gone just a block past the inn there was an entire town of restaurants and shops, so our empty bellies could have been full. At this point it was too late and we had already pilfered the free breakfast and stuffed our bags of muffins and danishes for after or hell in for her during yoga! At that moment we resolves that when we were done we were heading to a local brewery after and having a beer and steak sandwich, because that’s just what is “bad yogis” do.

More later, time to do the laundry 🙂



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