Sore slave and the bj

Yesterday was a really bad recovery day. all of the pain from the parties and running and the parade hit all at once.

I tried yoga to get moving again, but that didn’t work.

Sir extended his stay a day and it was good to see him when I returned from work.

I felt bad that by 9:30 I could no longer keep my eyes open.

At some point sleeping I felt his cock. I had little memory of anything prior to taking it into my mouth. so not only do I Hitachi myself in my sleep but now I can add sleeping blow jobs to my weird list of kinks.

I (with no inhibitions) ducked and lucked till he came. then put my head back down and continued to sleep.

I woke thinking it was some perverse dream until I read his email.

Sir was thinking of our scene at the second party. I really can’t write much about it because I have no memory of it at all. I do know I came so hard I passed out. as I came too, his finger was on my pulse and I was being told to drink. 

So with “cock brain” he came into the room but touching my as and nipple I gave bad pain moans. he said then I reached for his cock. guess even sire my need to be used kicks in.

Funny that in vanilla world I hated ducking cock, now I look forward to hearing that good moan as sir cums.

Shit, now I have a wet cut and heading to a meeting, but time to wake Sir first.

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