Weird days

Yesterday work was work, we were all tired and defeated looking.

I did the only thing I could since sir wasn’t here, I went to the gym.

I needed the pain, it’s a shitty never ending cycle in my life and the only way I can clear my head. I walked into the gym, looked at the girl at the counter, looked at the gym floor and it was dead empty. She said ” they are all too sad to work out”. I told her I’d asked for a bereavement day and got declined.

After a good hour run, I headed up to crazy lady. she was early, she’s never early. there was a total of three including her in the class, she for the first time set up her mat and we did the practice together. at the end she said “I needed that”, fave me a big hug, told me she lived me and that she us very afraid for us all. this is the first time since she became a citizen over forty years ago that she cared who won the election.

I left in a slightly better heads pace than I went there in. L and M came by for coffee. he was all excited b ease they had a play date this weekend and got M to swing. 

I did what any good kinky friend would and listened, I was happy he was happy, but I’m not a gory details kind of girl.

I’M just looking forward to a run and a rest tonight. thus weekend is vanilla, with a few kinky people but I’m tured, burnt out. looking for a future, an end gane, a goal.

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