I just don’t know

Today has been a day of nothing but political talk in the office.  Sir may be surprised to hear I’m oddly one of the most informed.  I must admit my wiki reading has taken a back seat to all of the nyc papers 

There’s a chance c may not show tonight,  shocking,  right? 

I just need to get through the day.  get to yoga, If she cancels,my plan is do more yoga. 

People in general are pissing me off. my head is to noisy. do you know I wake up every morning with a song in my head? my dreams must have soundtracks. they are never songs I like. today was “move it” annoying, but even more annoying it was the Disney Madagascar version. 

2 thoughts on “I just don’t know”

  1. ooh. Reading that put me in a dance number. I’m not fond of musicals. But this is a very creative way to express life, emotions and all that jazz!

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