You’re a douchedom 

I was reminded how lucky I am to have Sir last night. 

I had a great weekend. A bit too busy, but fun. This is what happens when I say im relaxing. I end up over planning. 

After a run, 2 yoga classes, brunch with a good kinky friend, I went on a first meet with a girl from cs. I should have not gone in hind site.  There’s something off about her.  I know this sounds shitty, but she’s not on my level.  She had no balance. Or at least that’s how I’m seeing things today. She’s very damaged and the motherly part of me sees these kind of people and wants to rescue them.  The truth, she just has a different dynamic than I do and the more of a douchedom he was, the subbier she got.

See, almost 2 years ago Sir asked me to hold his hand and that’s what I do.  I’ve trusted him enough to obey. Last  night I witnessed the opposite. She obeys out of fear. Plus he showed up drunk  

I really should have just walked or when he came.  It was planned as the two of us meeting, but I can understand having or wanting your dom there for security reasons. A heads up would have been nice.

As soon as I got  home all I wanted was to hear Sirs voice.  I don’t tell him often enough how happy he makes me, sorry, I know I should. 

The one thing I noticed was there was only a dynamic with them. There was no vanilla relationship. it was strict M/s. That really for some reason pissed me of. I try not to judge, but,  I’m not able to look past it. Plus his mannerisms made me go right to,  the you’re  not my dom mindset. I tried to stay respectful, but no,he’s a douchedom. 

Sir has a real interest when he questions people. There’s a noticable finess to his words. Most days I believe Sir cares for me more than I do. I wish I could give him a big big hug. 

Dear Sir

I remember telling you I wanted a partner in this lifestyle. I’m lucky because that’s what I have. last night made me see more clearly how well we take care of each other. 

Missing  you, your  mushy slave 

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