Return to Wonderland

I had this issue, so here I am with a decent knowledge of the NYC Fetish scene but where do I bring someone that’s only reference is Europe? No,  notthe actual wonderland party, but my version of wonderland. My every kinky dream in one place. FGD was going and I know the reasons behind it. Basically a pissing contest with his ex. For me it was a way to bring the Marquis into a play oriented space to see if she was as big of a presence as I thought she could be.

In hind site, this was as good of a move as I could have made. The clicks that were there the last time burst wide open to us and by the end of the party there was not one person there that we didn’t at least have a bit of small talk with.I’m generally not one to make big social jumps, but that’s what we did last night. The attention whore in FGD could not have been happier, but the entire time I just wished Sir was there. He would have been so proud.

We got there first, showed bible girl around. It was funny to see her amazement, even though I think she’s a real POS. I told FGD that the only piece of equipment I hated was the coffin. The marquis showed in full regalia, latex, corset and big powdered wig, with her husband in sub dress, plain back latex. She was like 10 feet tall and a real sight to see. The female host stopped dead in her tracks as she saw her walk through the door, I leaned in and said…I told you I had someone that I thought you’d like at your event. At the end of the night she thanked me and it was just a good feeling.

Time for a long travel to yoga. Side note, my resolution of Sunday only being for brunch and yoga is working well with little effort.


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