It was a long yet short weekend. now I’m back to work. my thighs are killing me from thinking being a human pinata was a good thing.

I spent the last two hours in a mandatory hr training on being professional. the three people from my department learned we may be the most unprofessional group in the company and we r ok with it. 

Oh a funny that I forgot to tell sir, n had it in her head she wants to dom a guy and somehow started up talks with the couple. I told her thanks but nope, not my thing. the female asked me saturday night and I told her the same, but she was a bit gone so I said let me know what your plan is, but my answer is still nope. 

I really believe that if I ever dommed a male, I’d not be able to keep control. it’d be like the last scene with fet girl times  100. 

I don’t think I had any crazy dreams last night, since I slept until almost 6:30.

I’m mushy, cold and needing some lap time.

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