Yesterday was so busy.

Got through work, ran home to meal prep. Had to travel to yoga. 

Happy Tuesday was both early and late, I was on the subway and Sir was running errands  The second tuesday and that’s the extent of it. 

After an ok class I headed to the city. it’s so weird to see alphabet city and nit be afraid for my life. It was SMG’s birthday.  I got to meet her couple,  had a beer, chatted with some of her friends. it was nice and low key. I got carded at the door, the bouncer laughed when he saw my id, then laughed harder when he scanned it and it was real. first time in 15 years I was carded at a bar. the crowd was thirty somethings not bad but not a place I’ll go out of my way for.

When it was time to leave I walked with 2 of her coworkers. One guy here from Ireland just over a year. we walked by an Indian place and he mentioned something of the smell reminding him of his many trips to England. that got us on the topic of how powerful our meories can be when triggered by scents. 

It had me missing Sirs smell.

Home and in bed so tired. FGD sent me a link to a song he was listening too. It was in french but so familiar. I told him it sounded like something nana,sang to me when I was a child. the conversation of smell had me thinking of her too. He then sent me the English version and yes, that was one of her favorites.

At every holiday .. I miss them.

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