2 years…

I thought of writing a brief review of the highs and the lows, but why do that? I mean it’s all documented here.

Instead I’ll say the things I don’t too often.

That we are lucky. In two years we had so many adventures, good times, a few bad ones and more cuddles and good hugs than most have in a life time.

See even the bad times aren’t all bad. Unlike in the past when life happens I know (even when I push him away, or try to) that He’s there. I have support in a way I did not think was possible. For that I thank you Sir.

I had a three part surprise for him planned today. One part fell apart, one part is postponed until Christmas, but the second part I am saving for later.

Thinking of the last two days, we really have an amazing ability to roll with the punches. When plans change and new things arrive, we just do it. So I put together a little bag for you of things to show I care. I hope you enjoy them as tonight’s gift is not tangible.

I am not the girl I was and I don’t know in two more years who I will become, but I’m happier than words can say to have spent the last years with you.

Happy anniversary Sir.

Biggest mushy hug,

Sorry I kneed you in the back last night,

Your mushy slave


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