Sorry about that food Coma

Funny how sometimes you make all these plans ans then accidentally a food coma hits.

Part of Sirs anniversary gift was a good dinner. I got up super early to go shopping. Started and with the exception of 2 gifts that due to my budget. will need to wait, got all of my holiday shopping done. Gift buying is hard for Sir, so I pick up little things I know he will like and make him bags of care instead.

After the gym and the shopping I started to bake, then cook. After dinner I had planned to dress up as his favorite bell girl and serve him dessert. We were outside and both of us looked like we had just had thanksgiving dinner. I told him of the plan and he agreed, that could wait. lol, but he still ate the baked goods.

We had a good warm hug at the exact time of our first call. That was the night Sirs warm words first hugged me. So weird how one call to a stranger can change so much about the way you see life.

As I tend to do I laid on the couch and within minutes I was fast asleep. I don’t remember going to bed, but I do remember waking up to the need to be used. Sir had come in and started plating with me and had I been able to make words I’m pretty sure I would have screamed and begged to be fucked. I don’t recall when this need to play in a half awake state started but since we keep such different sleep schedules it works. I fell back into a deep sleep with the sweet taste of Sirs cock and cum in my mouth. When the alarm went off it was nice to enjoy some extra cuddles. Honestly it’s Saturday and there’s no real rush to get to the gym.

Sir is sleeping soundly and I guess I’ll go and get a few things done.

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