Long days

Funny how the good days go so quickly. it seems like seconds ago Sir walked through the door after traveling all night to make it in time for thanksgiving.

The party saturday was a total dud. L and M had fun and that’s good. Sir and I just socialized. we hung out with my, wait, I guess now our french shadow. the only part Wirth mentioning was watching Sir teach him to use a flogger.

I was sitting with l, getting oddly, yet respectfully propositioned by curly hair, big ball guy and even he noticed my eyes light up. I explained that I never get to watch sir play as I’m always on the receiving end. It was a very odd turn on.

He also asked for a females view on how verbal dominance works. I found that horribly hard to explain. It’s really a combo if things, from the depth of his voice, the lack of judgement when truthful answers are given. Also it’s the way he phrases questions. Not really one thing that I can pinpoint, but we both become different in D/s conversations.

Take our first chat. It started very very vanilla. By the end of it, he’d found out more information than I think my best friend ever knew. We both fell very easily into a dynamic. Wrapped in my comforter as he said good night, I was at peace. A peace I really hadn’t know prior to him. 

I had experienced subspace, but not from a good place, only from a reaction to very intense pain. He sent me there with kind yet commanding words. He can still do that. 

I’m at work now and really missing him. 

Yesterday was good, lazy but good. lots of cuddles and at one point he sat on the couch and put his head on my lap. Those are the sweet moments that I hold onto when he leaves. 

Funny that I’m now sitting here wet with my clot pulsing from recalling playing with his haur, cooking him dinner, having him hold me. It’s not always the kinky stuff that creates and feeds the dynamic. I think it’s more the appreciation I recieve. 

A simple note of thanks for leaving the slave e tray set for him, Sir it’s those things that set our relationship apart from the others. It’s you explaining to l that even though it his birthday I won’t be playing because I wasn’t 100 percent. it’s knowing that we take care of each other  and I no longer feel alone when I hear your voice.

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