People are stupid

That has been proven. This is who we elected???😡 Yesterday I didn’t vote for a candidate, I voted against one. I never thought a time would come where I’d want to leave my city, let alone my country. He has made it ok and acceptable to be a lying racist. 

To those that disagree… that’s your right and I’m allowed my opinion as well. 

Sir laughed at my idea the other day of teaching yoga, getting a cow and a goat, making cheese and running a vineyard in France.

Now the idea is not that crazy.

My mother texted asking if I’d like to take a road trip to Canada. Honestly I was afraid to ask how she voted since the rest of my family went red. Unfortunately the majority of them live in Florida and are the reason I’m going to be afraid for a very long time to come.

Oh and then there’s c. She texted yesterday. I mentioned nothing because….I felt nothing.

We are going to talk Friday. She wants to meet face to face. This is sooooo not a good idea on her part. I’ll try to keep my cool. I’m heading to a restorative class before I see her, grabbing for a. It if zen. It’s my face that’s going to give me up. The only way I’ll entertain her and whatever she needs to say is if her first words are I am sorry. 

I don’t think that’s going to happen but I’ve been looking for someone to throw this anger at and the universe has decided, it’s going to be her.

Bright side- I have to see my mother the next morning, so we might not fight if I get it out of my system before I see her.

Funny things- my French shadow is onboard for a kinky community style living up in French Canadia, musicians, kinksters, wine. He France is not all it’s cracked up to be and this is a better plan.

I and I had an entire conversation in French (thanks google translate) it was fun.

Just out of a two hour meeting and everyone at work is scared. Scared because we live in NYC, scared because our neighborhoods are targets. Scared because we all work in healthcare. A few of us are even more scared, because we are white. The general thought is “we” voted him in, nope, oh hell nope. 

So it’s day one of the great fall. 

Just getting by…

I put off writing this morning because I’m not really sure where my heads at.

ITS Friday so that’s great and I’m headed upstate (you know sir where the bears and stuff live;). Going to do an insane amount of yoga.

But I’m blah, I’m readjusting to life again after Sir leaves. the first couple of days always sucks.

Plus I’m hungry, like dying inside hungry. yet I’ve eaten my normal stuff and ..  well, I’m still hungry.

A girl like me…but not

A couple of months ago I fell down the fet life rabbit hole and came across a few beautiful pictures. 

THE costumes were 18th century french. I am not an offensive stalker, so I liked and kept it moving. a week or so later I got a pleasant message, an introduction from the woman who’s photos were so grand. 

Both of us have crazy lives and it took much planning but we finally met tonight.

She walked in all in black with a leopard coat, an insane amount of confidence. a big hug and we stared right off talking. we spoke as though we were long lost friends. at first yoga and both of us recently loosing the same amount of weight. after people, the wonderful people we’ve met in this lifestyle. 

She’said not in the local scene, married to a Frenchman and travels often. the best part, and Sir will appreciate this, she’s born and bred upper east sider. ha! both of us survived the 90’s club scene. 

We had so many thing in common, yet our natural wiring made us polar opposites in this lifestyle. she dealt with her childhood and became domme, me sub. 

We played this odd back and forth game of stories. our strict upbringing, our young kinky tentondences. it was an oddly refreshingly open conversation.

She had gone to private all girls school and basically taught all the girls just how to kiss boys. she was sub to an abusive alcoholic ex. she met her husband, together and marries 5 years. she said one the second date he expkained he was into bdsm. she had just learned he was born in France and in her imagination all french people were kinky (having stole the story of o from her father in fourth grade). he explained the difference between opulence and kink.

She Still in some ways deals with her own version of good girl guilt.  her and her partner are switches. so she says their dynamic is sometimes chaos as they both are more Dom leaning. 

I don’t know that in one meeting ive  learned as much about another woman as I did with her. 

We Discussed pain and love and our very different reactions to different people. 

She still struggles greatly with her bisexuality. she turns it if and on.  she keeps balance through vanilla lovers (an odd to me way to keep from going over the edge,  but I guess it works for her).

We spoke of her mentor.  they are very good friends and get together often. 

So I’m not going to do what I normally would and over think a beautiful night. 

On the train home.  It will be sad to go to an empty house.  I’ll cuddle the puppies, clean the powder and get to bed early. missing you already sir.

Good morning Sir

Wow, what a long and good weekend.

Seems like forever since I sat here writing. so far they are  leaving me alone at work. such a good thing because I feel like I have a hangover. that first day back to reality is always such a buzz kill.

Let’s see, a short recap. Nice new people drinks on Friday. 2 great parties saturday. glad you had fun taking photos.

Then the parade. it was great to see you really truly happy. 

Even our yesterday being lazy was good, sorry if I slept like crap. at this point my entire body hurts.

Tonight crazy lady , clean and sleep. that’s the grand plan. 

BIG hug and safe travels home