Je suppose questions cell estate a troisieme partie

My friends think they are funny.

So as a very hung over me got into the car sunday afternoon, FGD tells me I props ed marriage after our last scene. We Discussed budget and everything. Now in my state this is a totally believe able thing. N kept up the story, today he admitted it was a lue, but after the scene was over I was full of compliments and total mush regarding our friendship.

He asked if I recall how that scene started and I said tell me.

We were in the smoking area and my joyful mood started to go dark. I was bitching and he asked me very directly if I would like that issue spanked out of me. I looked at him rather demure and agreed. I guess I felt myself going to the vad dark place of anger and I know that a otk spanking will fix it. Like a child I am  

So over to the bench, edhes, tears and as I got up a smile back on my face. I thanked him today, I’m lucky to have good friends that really know me.

So maybe next week when Sir is in n can start her maintenance spankings. I really think it will do us both a world of good.

N had horrible drop and for the first time let him help her. He sat her on his lap and brushed her hair, fed her fruit and water while kissing away her tears. All as she cursed him and said she would never play again. Unlike last time she was better in hours rather than days and she’s agreed to not shut him out. He really misses that part of aftercare.

When I first acted like that I really thought that I was going crazy, like I was the only one. I know I’m not.

Oh and I told n that once again Sir was proven right. 

The night that n came out and I used the hitachi on her, we told Sir that we don’t play. We said not with our friendship. It’s not worth the risk. He later told me that he knew we would play again, that wouldn’t be our last scene.

So here it is Sir, in writing you were right again;)

I’ve been super productive, but I’m starting to feel it, my cunt is wet and I could use some lap time. I’m going to try to put off the drop. It’s too busy of a day.

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